The Human Givens Approach

Restore your well-being using your own internal resources

I am trained in the Human Givens approach, a modern evidence-based understanding of how the experience of well-being happens when our innate needs are being met through our innate resources.

We all have basic emotional needs such as feeling secure, having some control in our lives, and being connected to others. To meet our needs, we’re born with valuable resources including imagination to solve problems, memory to make learning possible, and self-awareness to allow us to stand back and see the bigger picture.

These needs and resources are built into us, so they are known as human ‘givens’.

When our emotional needs are not met, or our resources are not used properly, we can develop a variety of unwanted and distressing symptoms such as anxiety disorders, addictions or depression.

My job as a Human Givens therapist is to work with you to identify how your needs are not being met, and then to help you meet them by enabling you to activate your natural resources in new and healthy ways.

Powerful tools for change

Human Givens therapy is a form of brief therapy. It provides a powerful set of tools to work effectively with our innate resources, such as:

Feel calm

Relaxation techniques for our arousal system, to lower anxiety and create a calm, positive space in which change can happen.

Transform thoughts and actions

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques for our thinking and learning brain to reframe unhelpful perceptions of the world or ourselves, and to overcome stuck habits.

Rehearse change

Guided imagery for our imagination to rehearse positive change.



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