What clients have said


Client moving from depression into employment:

I'm doing great! Thank you so much for all your help getting to this point. I never thought I could actually make it happen. Thank you - you're amazing.


Client recovering from trauma after one session:

“I was surprised and greatly relieved to find that you were not going to encourage me to go through my trauma story, as I had done in psychotherapy prior to our meeting.  Instead, I quickly became deeply relaxed, drifting off, with the sound of your voice around me. I still have the memory of the event, but when it comes back I’m not so agitated, not so afraid. I was amazed by the change it made to me in such a short period of time.”


Client overcoming intrusive thoughts:

“Is it the therapy or the therapist? Both were excellent for me and have helped more than methods tried in the past. Now, whenever obsessive thoughts threaten to invade my consciousness, which happens much less frequently, I find it easier to banish them. Thank you!”


Client resolving a phobia of spiders after one session:

“Life was miserable when I had to do the cleaning, clearing out cupboards, or even in the garden, and if a spider got on me I’d nearly have a heart attack. In the car, we’ve had to make an emergency stop holding up all the traffic and I couldn’t get back in. I have much more control now. I don’t like spiders, but I can trap them and turn them out down the garden. I’m delighted!”


Client overcoming depression after the loss of a parent:

“I feel the time we spent has really helped me turn a corner. After several years of feeling so low, I had resigned myself to the way I felt and had no real hope that anything or anyone could alter my state of mind, but in a remarkably short period of time your caring, calming and empathetic approach lifted that weight from me. I was overwhelmed by the positive effect you and the techniques you use had on me. Letting go of things I can’t change and putting them in the past is a huge step forward – and one I was beginning to think I would never be able to take. You have a real gift.”


Client dealing with chronic stress while providing long-term care for a relative:

“I have found the Human Givens therapy to be of enormous benefit in thinking about why my body behaves the way it does, or did at the beginning of therapy, in relation to feeling stressed as a carer. I was taught how to notice when I was getting stressed, and how to cool down so I would be able to think more clearly. I was also taught strategies for better communicating with [the cared-for person], and seeing things from their point of view also. I have found this approach to be really useful in helping me address factors in my life which have been making me feel stressed. Thank you very much.”


Client getting over writer’s block:

“You were gentle and unobtrusive and, I realised later, extremely effective. You were able to transport me from my usual everyday state of anxiety and frustration, caused by my inability to step beyond my blockage, into a mild dreamlike state. There, you led me, most perceptively I thought, towards an understanding of what exactly it was that prevented me from facing and continuing with all the challenges that writing throws up. I am now enjoying my writing again without any of the baggage that held me back.”


Client recovering from a difficult childhood:

“I experienced being completely relaxed and just breathing with no fear or anxiety...I felt safe and calm in a way that I don't ever remember feeling before. Something was unlocked inside myself. I experience life differently now because the amount of time I feel afraid and anxious has been massively reduced. It was real when it happened but it is not happening now and I am happening now and I am living a reality which is not as scary anymore.”