How I work

Friendly and approachable

Everyone comes with their own unique story whatever their age, background or daily activity, so I start by listening in confidence.

Positive focus

We can set positive, achievable goals tailored to your individual circumstances, and work at a pace that suits you.

Measurable outcomes

To get a measure of your progress, each time we meet you complete a short feedback form giving a picture of your current emotional state.



Practical information

How long will it take?

My aim is to help you make a tangible difference to your life with the fewest sessions.

Generally, clients can expect to have between 2 and 8 sessions, sometimes more, occasionally less. On average, Human Givens therapy reliably improves most difficulties in four or five sessions.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions usually last for 60 minutes but can be extended to 75 minutes if the work demands it.

How much will it cost?

  • The fee for each session is £80.00. You can pay by cheque, cash or bank transfer.
  • I offer an initial 30-minute free consultation.
  • I do not ask you to agree to a minimum number of sessions. We will agree on further treatment at each meeting, so you only pay for the treatment you need and keep your costs to a minimum.
  • I aim to create swift, lasting change to your life, making your therapy good value.

Where do I go for my sessions?

My practice is currently being relocated. A new address will be announced shortly.